It is a great honor to have worked in various institutes and shared the journey with the finest people in science, engineering, and human relations.

Visa Research, Security Intern

I am fortunate to work with awesome researchers in the security team at Visa Research. My work is about building privacy preserving systems using crypto primitives.

the Harvest Documentary Film, Assistant Director of Techonology

Harvest from Indevu Films on Vimeo (Best of the month).

Harvest is an eleven minute documentary that follows the daily life of a woman named Jenni, exploring the simple patterns that define her. As we get to know her, we come to understand the extent to which her seemingly ordinary life is of great interest to people she has never met.
Learn more at www.harvest-documentary.com.
Screened at at film festivals: Aspen Shortsfest, Hotdocs, Seattle International Film Festival, BAMCinemafest, the Rooftop Films Summer Series, and Americana Film Festival.

Telefonica Research, Research Intern

Scaling the User Profiling in the Time of HTTPS.

Northeastern University, Teaching Assistant

CS5700 Fundamentals of Computer Network

Relational Agents (RAG) Group (NEU), Research Assistant

Supporting longitudinal behavioral change

Human Computer Interaction (SDU), Research Assistant

Tongible: Tongue Interface for People with Dexterity.