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My research goes beyond the academic communities, and our work has contributed to raising the public awareness of social issues at a global scale, providing expertise input to the policymakers (e.g., FTC) and advancing the industrial practice for data protection (30+ responsible disclosures).

IoT Privacy

10/19/18 Boston25 News The 'internet of things': How much is it tracking you?
9/25/18 [email protected] IS YOUR REFRIGERATOR SPYING ON YOU?

Media Exfiltration

7/3/18 Gizmodo These Academics Spent the Last Year Testing Whether Your Phone Is Secretly Listening to You
7/3/18 The Verge Your phone isn’t listening to you, researchers say, but it may be watching everything you do
7/3/18 Engadget Research shows Facebook (probably) isn’t listening through your phone
7/3/18 Slashdot Study Finds That a Large Number of Popular Android Apps Secretly Cast the Screen To Third Parties, But They Don't Listen To Conversations
7/3/18 Fortune Your Android Apps Are (Probably) Not Snooping on You, a New Study Says
7/5/18 Fox News Is your Android phone watching you? Study of more than 17,000 popular apps reveals 'disturbing practice'
7/4/18 Sohu [email protected] 手机偷听你讲话?研究表明更可怕的是监视所有活动还发给第三方
7/5/18 Sina [email protected] 他们测试了上万款 App, 看看哪些软件在偷听用户
7/4/18 [email protected] 研究称你的手机没有偷听你 但可能监视你
7/4/18 [email protected] Forscher: Android-Apps schicken Screenshots und Videos an Drittfirmen
7/4/18 Daily [email protected] Is your phone WATCHING you? Apps aren't secretly listening to your private conversations but some will record video of everything you do
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Privacy Evolutions

3/26/18 CACM Researchers Find Leaky Apps Put Privacy at Risk
3/6/18 The Morning Paper Bug fixes, improvements, … and privacy leaks


5/31/17 Hacker News ReCon analyzes network traffic to tell if personal info is being transmitted
5/31/17 NBC News TV MBTA’s Safety App Tracks Your Location and More
3/10/17 Version2 @Denmark Facebook deler din færden med firmaer, du aldrig har hørt om
2/15/17 Boston Globe How to keep data leaks from getting out of hand
11/22/15 El [email protected] La obsesión por los datos