I am a PhD candidate in College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University. My advisor is  David Choffnes.

My current research interests lie in distributed systems and networking, with a recent focus on privacy in mobile networks. More details on research.

Important ReCon is actively looking for participants and collaborations.
For undergrad/grad Email me for an unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with research and build real systems.


Aug. 2017 The Harvest documentary film, which is based on data gathered from the ReCon Project, is now available online for free! Find out how much your phone knows about you.
Jul. 2017 We are having an interactive demo in RoofTop Film Festival, come to enjoy free movies, music and it gets better -- free WiFi + privacy.
May. 2017 Harvest in Seattle International Film Festival!
Apr. 2017 The film Harvest, featuring ReCon, is premiering at Aspen Film Festival and HotDocs Film Festival in Toronto.
Mar. 2017 ReCon is mentioned in the Danish news site Version2.
Jan. 2017 My advisor presents ReCon in PrivacyCon 2017 and here is the video.
Nov. 2016 Chris is presenting appvsweb at IMC on Tuesday, and I am presenting at DAT Workshop this Saturday.
Jul. 2016 The paper "app vs web" got accepted by IMC 2016 and congrats to other 6 papers from NEU!
Jun. 2016 I am presenting a poster, a demo and a talk on ReCon in MobiSys, come and listen.
May. 2016 I am starting my internship at Telefonica Research, Barcelona. Let's talk if you are nearby.
Apr. 2016 In CRA-W Grad Cohort and presenting poster #103, San Diego.
Feb. 2016 Our paper on ReCon gets accepted by Mobisys 2016! Congrats to my co-authors(David Choffnes, Ashwin Rao, Martina Lindorfer, and Arnaud Legout)!
Feb. 2016 ReCon finds millions of users' passwords potentially exposed
Jan. 2016 Want to know what information your mobile apps are leaking about you? Check out our per-app results
Nov. 2015 Our work on ReCon, presented at the DTL conference, was covered by the Boston Globe and CS Monitor!
Oct. 2015 Demo for ReCon is available NOW! [demo]


Email: renjj at ccs.neu.edu
360 Huntington Ave
College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115
United States