Dr. Jingjing Ren
[email protected]Netflix
[email protected]Khoury - Northeastern

Doing research with impact in
  • Security and Privacy
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Network Security
  • Mobile and Internet-of-Things
  • Applied Cryptography

Email: hi at jingjingren dot com
Find me @SFBayArea

Note: Although, I currently work for Netflix, this site reflects projects I have worked on and/or continue to contribute throughout my career.


Feb 2020 Thijs presented our paper at NDSS [email protected] Diego.
July 2019 Our paper on IoT privacy has been accepted by IMC'19, congrats to all co-authors. Stay tuned for the camera ready :).
May 2019 I defended my thesis! Thanks for all colleagues, family and friends.
July 2018 Elleen presenting our Panoptispy work at PETS 2018, so proud!
May 2018 I am starting my internship at Visa Research in the Bay area, shot me a message for anything interesting.
Apr. 2018 Our work, Panoptispy on media exfiltration from Android devices, got accepted by PETS 2018. Kudos to all co-authors and big congrats of my undergrad student Elleen for her first paper!
Feb. 2018 Presented our work of mobile privacy leaks over time at NDSS (video) and PrivacyCon(video).
Oct. 2017 Our paper “Bug Fixes, Improvements, ... and Privacy Leaks” was accepted to NDSS18! Congras to all co-authors.
Oct. 2017 Grand openning of Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute, where ReCon is one of the featured research projects.
Aug. 2017 The Harvest documentary film, which is based on data gathered from the ReCon Project, is now available online for free! Find out how much your phone knows about you.

Research Highlights

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Mon(IoT)ring Suspicious Behaviors in Home IoT Ecosystem

Having ourselves connected to the Internet in daily life, what are the security and privacy issues and implications?

Project NU News
Media leaks from android apps
Panoptispy: Media Exfiltration from Android

What happens to the camera and audio permissions? Are they listening or watching on us?

Project Gizmodo News Fortune News
ReCon system representation: location leak?
ReCon: Reveal and Control Personal Information

We empower the safeguard of our personal information with state of the art machine learning techniques. Now you see who (which company) knows what information via which channel.

Project BostonGlobe News
More on my research, here

In the Public


RSA Expo 2018, SF
Public demo of L-ReCon for IoT devices


PrivacyCon, Washington DC, public comments on improving consumer privacy


RoofTop Films, live dashboard with WiFi access points onsite that supports PII detections in real time.


A documentary film, Jenni, whose week defined by data leaks

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